10 movies you need to watch in your teenage

Well some weekends may be boring. To make them interesting, here' s a list of some of the best movies you need to watch in your teenage.                                                                    

10. Hangover 3 
Imdb ratings=5.9

9. 13 gone 30

Imdb ratings=6.1

8. Lets be cops

Imdb ratings=6.5

7. Mean girls

Imdb ratings= 7

6. Easy A

Imdb ratings=7.1

5. 22 jump street

Imdb ratings=7.1

4. 10 things I hate about you

Imdb ratings=7.2

3. Pitch perfect 2

Imdb ratings=7.2

2. 21 jump street

Imdb ratings=7.2

1. Pitch perfect 

Imdb ratings=7.3

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