How to install windows without losing data?

The biggest problem for us when we are installing a new Windows is that we have to backup our data before so that we don't lose any of our data. But wait a minute guys, now you can install new Windows without losing any data.

Step 1:Make one of your hard drive empty.

If you are having 3 hard drives in your hard disk, move most of the data of that drive to other 2 hard drives. For example if you are going to empty drive C then copy the folder program files and paste them to other drives.

Step 2:Start the windows setup.
Start the windows setup and choose the option of custom install. Select the C drive and install the windows.

Step 3

After you have installed the windows, start your PC and you will see that new windows is installed and your data is still present. Now cut the program files folder and paste it back to C drive.

Have fun folks!!!!!

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