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Don't Let Overthinking Define You

1)When something didn't work , it was for the sake of growth to not repeat mistake .
2) Asking someone to hangout won't make them think of you all terrible assumption but they will be happy that you care about them .
3) If you made a wrong decision , thinking about it won't change the situation rather you should focus on next step or if you find something good then settle for some time .
4) Society defines you according to it's ideas but that ideas won't define the actual 'YOU'.
5) Listen to your gut it will help you to make decisions rather than thinking whats not truth and trying to change it . Overthinking doesn't have the power to change your instincts.
6) Posting everything on social media would increase your overthinking . Firstly , likes, comments and posts does not decide your worth . So stop judging your self. Those who post less are actually enjoying out there without​ showing off and doing whatever they want. 7) Respect your old and new sel…