How to make in app purchases free without rooting (android)

In-purchasing refers to the ability of a smartphone or mobile device to facilitate the sale of products or services within a specific application or "app." This added functionality has opened many new markets for the makers of various mobile applications. In-app purchasing functionality can take many forms in different applications, with different methodologies, functional features, and integration into an interface.Many in-app purchases occur in games, where users are able to purchase virtual goods for the game through the app itself. It provides a new measure of profitability for apps that are often free or very inexpensive 


But the question occurs in our mind how to make it freeMaking in-app purchasing free is very simple, you just need to download Lucky patcher from the link given

Now select rebuild app

Boom you got your in app purchase is successfully done

You can try this in any app or game having inapp purchases

After downloading and installing lucky patcher  follow these steps

Open lucky patcher 



After opening lucky patcher click on the app or game whose in app purchases had to be done free 

I am selecting Hill Climb race

Now select 'Menu of patches' and 'Create modified apk file



Now select 'Apk rebuilded for In app and LVL emulation

Now wait until a pop up appears

(Do not touch the screen in between the process)

Click on Go to file  

And now click on uninstall and install 

After Installing the app,click on any inapp purchase and click on yes on pop of lucky patcher.

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