Check out Which Pitch Perfect 2 are You?

1)Beca = rebellious , free-spirited,  courageous . Your rebellious nature seems to make you look  ignorant to people. You does not feel to tied down on something. You are intelligent , creative , and caring . You learn from you mistakes and even proves when you are asked to.

2)Stacie=You are flirty girl and touches your body like Stacie, apart from that you are a good dancer and has cheerful and upbeat behavior .You have a good dressing sense and you are an attractive girl.
3)Chloe =peace maker, proud of your body and you are affectionate , caring and sweet. You take your best friend's side so much and not even tell them when they are wrong. No one can stop from doing what you  love to do.
4)Fat Amy = A real bitch , rebellious , flirt , judge people and furious .You tries your best to be the leader .You are cheerful and confident .You genuinely love your friends and are loyal to them .
5)Jessie =You are friendly and very outgoing, displaying a very jovial, extroverted nature, also an avid movie fan .You are very loyal and a passionate for your dream.

6)Bumper=You are extremely self-centered, and talented .While drunk, you tries to flirt . You can do anything to achieve your dream even you can leave your friends in mid .
7)Emily= You are a bit shy but good at adapting to join anything .You  seem to be  very happy and up for doing everything and laugh a lot. You gets a lot of nonsense from people about the stuff you say
8)Benji= a bit shy around the girls  but slightly hyper around boys .You find yourself king and get nervous in front of girl you Love
9)Lilly = a weird, quirky and quiet girl and you  often says random and slightly disturbing things that too extremely softly.
10)Cynthia=You are a dude and addicted to something . Sometimes you say weird thing and people look at you surprisingly. You get easily distracted

11)Flo=You are a weirdo and speak what comes to your mind. You love to spend time with your friends.

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