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What interesting you can do with your boring PC

What interesting you can do with your boring PC
Well many of you may think that
your PC is very boring. I think these tricks may change your thinking.
Lets start with notepad Have you ever thought that we can do multiple things with notepad rather than typing only? well some of the tricks of notepad are: The plane crash trick. Type Q33N  in capital letters in notepad Increase the font size to 72. Change the Font to Wingdings. Now, you will see a plane is attacking two buildings.


HOW TO LIVE WITH A DEPRESSED PERSONHOW TO LIVE WITH YOUR DEPRESSED GRANDMA? Its been more than 1 year when lost my grand father in a heart attack but now also my grand mother starts crying  when something reminds her of grand father .I know she had spent almost 60 year with him but death is inevitable .My father had done each and every possible thing to save my grandfather but it wasn't sufficient.
I had found the ways in which i can make my grandma happy even if doesn't want to.My grandma is an interesting person . I know her hobbies,likes and dislikes .She loves to do crocheting .she is a soft-heart ,thoughtful and kind person .
There were 10 ways which told me that she was in depression   She gets bored.She use to talk about that she is not satisfied with her life. She feel her life is empty.she spends her whole night thinking.She feels to cry.She avoids to go out with us .she spends her whole day aloneshe fights on the issue which are not concerned with her She watches depress…