10 thoughts you must read about relationships

1.Patience , determination and passion all combined and mixed up with a bit of crazy and everything will fall into place  the way its supposed to .
2.the best kind of relationship is where you talk like best friends , fight like husband and wife and protect like brother and sister.
3.Never push someone away because of what happened in past , they are not your past .they might just be the one god picked to be the next to you in your future.
4.If you truly love someone you will wait for them forever. If they truly love you they wont have you waiting in the first place.
5.Finding someone to be with you is not a hard thing. Whats hard is find someone who will stand with you and love you when everything else's is against you
6.Love is when you piss each other off and wants to kill the other person but at the end of the day all you want is to in their arms.d stressing .Don't worry just breathe . In the end it all works out. It may not be what we planned but what God has planned.
8.Don't go for looks ; the can deceive. Don't go for the wealth ; even that fades away . Go for someone who makes you smile.
9.A guys biggest mistake is to give a chance to another  to make "your" girl smile.

10.To love without condition ; to talk without intention ; To listen without judging ; To give without reason and To care without expectation - The Art Of  True Relationship.

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