My mood is decided by the money in my pocket I mean to say that less the money less the self confidence .However my parents take care of me ,they pay  every expense of mine. I am a college student most probably my pocket filled with 500rs but that too on petty cash system .  I want to enjoy my life everybody wants to enjoy its nothing special about that . But there are some people who wants  money to eat for 2 meals a day. While I was writing this blog  two rickshaw drivers fought for have passengers in their vehicles. Money is second God or may be the God that we prefer or pray for this money God to the ultimate God.  What I really concerned about is that I want money to collect if you were my friend then you would have forced me to have fun by going to mall or something else . But you know what I will not go because my theory is that outing leads to expenditure. Ya ,but its true . You would be thinking that I am miser may that's true. Actually I want that much of money that I think about spending. It seems to have a dream . I mean the day never comes when I'm a good amount of money.
I  want to travel so that I able to forget my routine of day so that I could get break from my life . The real need of money is to get away from the people I am surrounded .I want to go somewhere . But maybe that not possible till I complete my graduation and of course have a job. Till then I tries to make my every day special ,by helping my friends  but I don't go to malls and all.
People are weird , people are stupid, people are awesome . Till 19 years of my age I don't know how to respond on the talks they speak may be its because I am natural or I m straight forward . I say what I think .But its not the rule of this society and that's why I want to have a break from this f@cking life . I want to have fun and want to go  somewhere ,where i able to talk to myself , and of course I don't have any problem in my life or may be I have but I don't want to focus on them . I want to be free and want to do whatever I want . When these problem of doing assignment , studying for exams, speaking after thinking so that wrong person next to me don't feel hurt and thinking so many rubbish things like way of sitting , way of dressing waking up early in the morning when i end up with nothing and doing the work of fake friends when they treats you like nobody .
But from now i will change for me , myself and I'll be self confident .I will not give my "so important time " to the people who just waste it without even thinking of me.
Just don't wait.  live your dream Do it now if you can.  Money ! it will be there when you need it . JUST have faith in God and do something . This every second of your life is important . Tell yourself what you want from it and just don't regret for any decision . JUST LOVE YOURSELF that's life and forget about people's views about you , opinions for you , issues with you, jealousy from you  and  hate for you . Making your insecurities your strength may be difficult but at least try to act you are strong and one day you will face your insecurities with real strength . Today I have  money but tomorrow may be not but what I m concerned about is making my mind a holiday .

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