Wednesday, July 15, 2015

PS3 a perfect instrument of entertainment

Sony may have taken the next-gen console battle by storm with the release of the PS4 last year, but that doesn't mean that it's neglecting its legacy. The most recent release of the PS3 - a 'super slim' model - makes even the last iteration of the console, the PS3 slim, look a bit chunky.
PS3 has all new upgradeable operating system The new PlayStation 3's cross-media bar (XMB) is a bit of a design classic in operating system terms - so much so that little's changed since its inception in 2006, when the PS3 was first let into the wild.

Trophy collection

Check out your Trophy Collection to see what you've earned to date, or take a look at the challenges you might want to tackle next. This can come in handy during long quests or battles. Go back and look at those shiny pixels of platinum you’re fighting for. Getting more trophies than your friends is the best way to prove your gaming domination.