Teen addiction of social media

Even though we all are living different lives but at end of the day , we all are having the same feelings of  stress ,anxiety and hope to change . These days we  are addicted to technologies . We are addicted to the game of replying ,posting,  request sending, liking, sharing ,commenting, etc. Social media has become our platform to let out our thoughts and views . But you know what social media helped us to fake ourselves .
Our mood changes according to the likes on post  which we shared and to  the reply of the person in which we are interested . The real problem is we are so busy in our daily routines starting from waking up to working to get back to bed . And even though if we get some free time , we will not stop ourselves from taking  a glance on our  phones and also tries to make ourselves involved in listening music  pretending that we don't care about the world . Trying to find love on internet , thinking that it will improve our life or it will ruin actually .
At the end of the day all we are craving for  sleep and then "mind" makes us realise tomorrow's schedule . We all know we are totally working as a machine who only works non stop without thinking that Is this work will make me happy ? or Is this task will make me satisfied ?
At some point of time we all need change , change for new ,change to decide things . Life is a perfect gift for all which we are using ruthlessly. At the  end of the day I ask myself what am I doing ? Why am here ? Is this makes me feel good ?
There is something missing in our life which we are often unable to find because we don't know what it is. It is actually "happiness" . Yes , spending time with family and friends and laughing on the lame jokes endlessly .The love and affection of family and friends have the power to remove all the stress and anxiety , power to keep us alive and power to make us strong in difficult times .
A change is must but it will start with you .  I know keep trying and no quitting is the tagline of today's generation. But sometimes you need to let it go ,let go all your fears , pain and discomforts and forgive yourself for not being better because sometimes it's good to be good .Promise yourself to take out some time for your family and friends and of course yourself.
You should take out some time to talk to yourself and it actually soothing to let out all your thoughts and to instruct yourself  for next step .
Be something that after becoming that you should be proud on yourself .
At last don't let your mood change according to the social media  but from ur inner sense . Loving yourself includes dancing with full volume on favourite song , complimenting yourself while seeing the mirror , making mistakes and thinking at least people will talk about ME , finding your special place where you feel YOU , finding positivity in every aspect , never doubting and challenging yourself , having short goals like trying something new and taking full responsibility of the mistake , sleeping  all day or watching movie at home with popcorn , and most importantly try to change yours perspective by analysis the situations and also you can't change the thinking of others .  Yes , we are addicted to social media but we can reduce its addiction by trying to put our phone aside for sometime and Falling in love with yourself as it will embrace life.
Now stop reading this ,put your phone aside and RELAX and think for the changes you want to make for the life YOU truly want to live .

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