I never fell in love till now, nobody gives me butterflies, nobody to make jealous , nobody to change for , nobody seems with whom i m gonna spend my whole life, SO WHAT ? I really don't give a damn !   I don't want to make boyfriend because I don't need .  I just want to feel happy and independent .

We born alone , we die alone ,we make our choices alone but this word 'alone'  is not to feel lonely but to feel confident . People come in our life and sometimes even fill colours in it ,whether bright or dark . l m not against love n relationship but I m not in favor of effecting my  life , self respect , time and emotions for love .

Secret behind  being free and  confident  is to love yourself , to make yourself your favorite , to gift yourself something ,to laugh in the crowd on lame joke even though you don't want to , to spend your weekend by eating ice cream and watching Netflix , to go outside , to do something which has risk , to make every moment like its last , to explore ,to imagine, to do mistakes and do what your heart says . 

I just wanna say rather than finding someone ,find yourself first and I think life is too short for it. Love your Flaws and improve ,love your capabilities and appreciate , love what you had done new , love your decisions .
Maybe someday or the other, love will find me ,which will  stick to me for life , which will not effect me but will make my life better, which will complete me , which will know my mood and even if I m stressed ,it will make me laugh . 

Loving someone is not bad but why not having first position in the list of loving . Just smile because you worth it .

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